1. Family ft Dred & Shinjitsu Slim PARAM 2:54
  2. Rajawave ft Jastej PARAM 4:05
  3. Waimea Freestyle Param 4:07
  4. S.I.W. (Streets is Watching) Param 4:08

The Corner

In-between all of this production commitments, Param has been working on his own project The Corner. Utilising his production skills, love for hip hop
and showing that his lyrical talent is as versatile as his production. The album is an ode to his influences old and new, even the style of how it has been put together, like an old mixtape with skits and sound effects, but with the polished finish of new
UK rap. Param states, he owes his musical ability to growing up in Brighton and his Kenyan-Punjabi heritage.
‘I like nocturnal, wavy music you can drive or blaze too at night… like the music of the greats, Biggy, Nas, Pac, Jay Z,
Nipsey. Now you have wavy hip hop coming out of the UK, I want my mixtape to have the same feel, to be something you
can blaze and vibe too, with the essence of both the old and new school waves.’
The lead single from the mixtape, Family, features Dred, an upcoming rapper from Params hometown Brighton, and a
melodic hook from Shinjitsu Slim.

Family ft Dred

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The Corner

Release Date : July 24, 2020
Artist : PARAM
label : M23 Records
Catalog ref. : WT007